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All our books go through an inspection process for quality, ensuring your wholesale books will be in "fair" to "excellent" condition. The books that you are purchasing were once for sale online but have been removed from our shelves to make room for new inventory. Unless otherwise noted, all of our wholesale books have an ISBN number and a small tracking sticker on the spine. The books are packaged in large, sturdy cardboard boxes called gaylords for our wholesale buyers to pick up.

We currently have 6 wholesale book categories in our catalog:

1. Mass Market Wholesale Books

These books are small, non-illustrated, and most commonly found in airports, drugstores, and supermarkets. They usually contain the most popular authors with the bestselling books. You'll also find a mix of Western and Romance novels in this category as well.

2. Trade & Hardcover Wholesale Books

These books come in every size other than the mass market dimensions. You'll get both hardcover and softcover books. You'll find textbooks, computer books, autobiographies, fiction, self-help, business, sci-fi, and every other genre imaginable.

3. Overstock Wholesale Books

This is our overstock selection. These books are set aside because we already have multiple copies in stock. You will get softcover, hardcover, and mass market books in this category.

4. Kid's Wholesale Books

These books come in all sizes but are mostly softcover books that are thinner in size. You will only find children's books in this sort. Some of these books even come with activities, puzzles, and toys.

5. Kid's Plus Wholesale Books

These books come in all sizes but are mostly hardcover books that are thicker in size. You will only find kid's books in this sort.

6. Mixed Media

This category is probably best described as a grab-bag assortment. You will get anything from Disney movies to workout videos.